domingo, 19 de julho de 2009


texto da ana ferraz para o seu blog no site da revista juxtapoz.

Usina Urbana

Usina Urbana is a collective exhibition currently happening here, in Porto Alegre, at Usina do Gasometro, one of the coolest cultural spaces in the city. It's curated by the artists Nina Moraes e Leopold Kunrath, produced in an independent way, and featuring artwork from mostly everybody who paints on the city's streets, from traditional graffiti to street art. The artists painted over big wood panels, used on a past exhibition, and the place looks like a big labyrinth made of murals.
This show really have a power as a panorama of Porto Alegre's currently production and it's amazing to see something so big, made by everybody's work and almost with no money involved. Trampo, Mateus Grimm, Lidia Pacheco and Nina did amazing artworks, and there's a lot of good surprises, as Guspe, Careca, Leopold and Jotape Pax's works. Check some pictures bellow:

valeu, ana e pexão!

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